Connector bridges Pmod and Arduino designs

Paul Boughton

Maxim Integrated has developed a subsystem reference design to allow designers to interface Pmod sensors and peripherals with an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board, writes Nick Flaherty.

The Pmod-to-Arduino adapter (MAXREFDES72#) allows any board with Pmod connections to plug easily into low cost Arduino-compatible microcontroller platforms. Using industry-leading Maxim components, this adapter is ideal for quickly creating Internet of Things designs, and allows for more convenient accessibility to a broader range of digital processors and applications.

The Pmod form factor has long allowed integration of professional-grade peripherals into engineering prototypes, especially on FPGA-based platforms.

The MAXREFDES72# bridges the gap between the Pmod and Arduino-compatible form factors, thus opening a new audience of developers using Arduino-compatible microcontroller boards. 

The result is greater accessibility to quality components and faster, easier designs. Maxim offers 15 single function peripheral modules and 13 reference design boards with Pmod connectors, and now each is easily compatible with any Arduino-compatible development board.

The board allows designers achieve proof of concept faster with no more struggling with the interface between boards, and the expanded functionality and versatility makes Pmod boards more accessible to a broader range of applications.

“The real world is analogue, and Maxim’s collection of Pmod-compatible peripheral modules has enabled rapid prototyping of real world interfaces with FPGAs,” said Greg Steiert, Senior Member of Technical Staff at Maxim Integrated. “This reference design extends that same rapid prototyping ability to the vast array of low-cost Arduino-compatible microcontroller development boards.”

“Arduino represents an important and rapidly-expanding ecosystem of ARM developers,” said Dominic Pajak, embedded strategist at ARM. “It’s great to see high-quality sensor components from Maxim adding to the diversity and choice available to system developers focused on driving innovation around connected devices and services for the Internet of Things.”

The board is available for $25 at Maxim's website and select franchised distributors. Evaluation software is provided free with the board.