Configurable DC motors and gearheads

Paul Boughton

The Maxon DCX series is being expanded with two new DC motors. The GPX 22 gearhead is now available in a reduced noise level version and with ceramic axes for longer life expectancy.

In addition to the maxon DCX 10L, a new shorter version is available, the maxon DCX 10S. Like all motors in the DCX series, this brushed DC motor excels through high power density and low vibration. The DCX 10S exceeds the 1 mNm threshold during continuous use. With its mechanical output power of up to 1.4 W with a 10 mm diameter, it is a real powerhouse. Regardless of whether this electric motor is equipped with sintered bearings or ball bearings, the DCX 10S works at a whisper of only approx. 35 dBA*.

The DCX 22L is the new, larger brother of the DCX 22S short version. This brushed DC motor, with a diameter of 22 mm, even outperforms the existing maxon RE 25. With the DCX 22L the same power is achieved, yet with 30 per cent less volume and weight.

The GPX gearhead series is also being expanded with two new variants: The GPX 22C is an optimised version of the GPX 22. The improved performance data and life span were achieved by using ceramic axes. The result is approximately 20 per cent higher torque, although the size is the same. Another new member in the maxon GPX family is the low-noise version of the GPX 22. The GPX 22LN has special plastic planet gears in the input stage that reduce operating noise, which mainly occurs in the input stage, by about 5 dBA.

All configurable DC motors, gearheads and encoders of the maxon DCX program can be ordered online. After only 11 working days, the drive systems are ready to be shipped from Switzerland. Detailed product data can be viewed online immediately, and 3D data for the configuration is available for downloading.

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Maxon Motor AG is based in Sachseln, Switzerland.

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