Compact screw jack delivers high performance

Paul Boughton

A new precision machined worm screw jack from Thomson provides powerful, reliable lifting and positioning in a compact form factor, making it very versatile for materials handling, hydraulic replacement and complex positioning systems.
The Muli 0 worm gear screw jack extends Thomson's Muli series and is designed specifically to save space where its Muli and Jumbo 1-5 ranges cannot be used. Despite its comparatively small housing dimensions of 60x50x50mm (L x W x H), the Muli 0 delivers a lifting force of 2.5kN that enables its tried-and-tested Muli technology - a proven, robust precision worm-gear and lead screw technology - to be used in more space-critical or complex multi-axis systems.
Muli worm gear screw jacks are suitable for a very broad range of applications where the lifting, lowering, tilting or rotating of loads is required. They provide particularly high lifting forces and adjustment speeds with a proven track record for reliability and low maintenance costs. The Muli 0 is available in both axially shifting (optionally torsionally rigid) screw, and rotating screw models. The screw itself can be specified with a cost-effective trapezoidal thread or with high-precision ball screws and preloaded low-backlash options that cater for a broad spectrum of applications.
Because of their consistent reliability and robust operation, worm gear screw jacks are the workhorse for materials handling in plants, such as the printing and paper industry, automotive production and steelworks, as well as for plant staging and throughout the medical engineering and the packaging industry.
Hydraulic replacement is another area where these versatile worm screw jacks are increasingly specified. Long-term operating costs can be reduced by using electromechanical systems that are based on an electric motor and worm gear screw jacks. One reason for this is that hydraulic systems can become contaminated, resulting in costly oil changes and oil disposal, whereas the maintenance costs incurred by worm gear screw jacks are extremely low. However, the real value lies in the technical advantages for machine builders, which include ergonomic design, space savings and improved controllability.
Today there is a shift in the application of worm screw jacks from handling applications, with new industries turning their attention towards these electro-mechanical units. For example, Thomson worm gear screw jacks are now being used for solar tracking to align solar panels with the sun and maximise energy output. They are also used for wafer handling in the semiconductor industry. High-precision ball screw versions with specialised gearheads are even being used for precision handling at space engineering facilities.
Through its Muli and Jumbo series, Thomson offers a worm gear screw jack range for reliable handling of loads ranging from 2.5 to 500kN. All models are designed for both compressive and tensile forces and load-independent functions. Their cubic housing design makes them easy to mount and the systems can be easily synchronised for multidimensional lifting and positioning systems using an extensive range of accessories. A broad selection of gearhead types and sizes allows substantial loads to be moved at high lifting speeds. Standardised mounting parts and final fittings such as prepared flange holes enable straightforward mounting of motors, gearheads and rotary encoders.
Thomson Muli 0 screw jacks are available from today through the Worldwide Thomson sales network. Furthermore, Thomson offers complete turnkey screw jack systems with service and support.
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