Compact control circuit devices

Louise Smyth

Power management company Eaton has further expanded its RMQ range of compact control circuit devices, which are designed to save time during installation.

The new space-saving command and signalling devices, the RMQ Flat Front and RMQ Flat Rear components, allow machine builders and engineers to implement premium design and build more cost-effective and compact machines.

The product portfolio ranges from push buttons and indicator lights to key-operated push buttons, joystick, potentiometer and USB versions. There is also an encoder design which combines turn and push functions.

All RMQ Flat Front products are available with high degrees of dust and water ingress protection up to IP69K, and with international approval.

In this all-in-one solution, wires, connectors and housing units are pre-integrated and permanently installed resulting in less engineering time and skills required for the panel builder.

Variations with pre-configured connectors and various lengths of cable mean the control circuit devices in the compact range only require a simple ‘plug-and-play’ installation.

The RMQ Flat Front units feature a sophisticated mounting concept known as the RMQ-AFX, offering anti-rotation protection, flexible distance span and straight level adjustment. The devices are designed for 30mm diameter holes and users can specify a version with or without tongue and groove anti-twist protection (as featured on the other RMQ Titan range). The devices also automatically adapt to the plate thickness and lug options.

The various connection techniques, such as pre-configured wired connections with M8/M12 connectors, or open-ended wires of varying lengths, simplify the selection and installation of products.

The switches and command signals provide an ergonomic link to the machine ensuring that users can best operate their process, and both components can be combined with emergency-stop devices to ensure that machines provide the highest level of safety. In addition to the standard wiring, the devices can also be easily integrated into automation architectures via AS-i as well as into Eaton’s innovative SmartWire-DT communication and connection system.

In terms of future design, in addition to the classical style, a special, flat variation will also be available for innovative machine concepts in industry and building technology. Colours and materials can also be specified by the user.

In addition, Eaton provides customer-specific adaptations: All pushbuttons, indicator lights and legend plates can quickly and easily be customised by using lasers to mark them with company or machine-specific labels or symbols. As this information will be laser-etched onto the device, it will be permanent and wear-resistant, unlike printed information.

The new RMQ Flat Rear components enable a reduced installation depth of less than 30 mm. They also feature multi-colour LEDs in red, green and blue, which can be included, for example, as status indicators, to alert the user and assist with process management.

The inclusion of LEDs also contributes towards significant cost savings in procurement as the customer does not have to stock different devices with individual colours. The portfolio now includes an emergency-stop button, selector and key-operated switch with fully enclosed rear side. It is also now available with cable lengths of 20cm, 50 cm, 1m and 3.5m.

The error-free and simple installation of the RMQ compact solution reduces assembly time and engineering costs.