Collecting cores in dense and compacted sediments

Paul Boughton

UK-based marine systems manufacturers OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd) have supplied the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) with a high-powered Vibrocorer system.

The 3m system was supplied with its own container for storage, with OSIL staff providing training on its assembly and use in Oostende on board RV Simon Stevin.

The OSIL Vibrocorer has been designed as an easy to use, easy to transport modular system which minimises dockside assemble for quicker mobilisation.

The system is capable of collecting cores up to 9m in length in dense and compacted sediments, and the specifically designed cutting shoe and core catcher minimise sample disturbance.

The system is easily assembled dockside or on the vessel itself into either a 3m, 6m or 9m system before deploying over the stern.

A high power vibrating motor in a sealed pressure housing (rated to 600m) produces a vibration force of >100kN, which drives the barrel into consolidated sediments.

The unit has been designed for easy horizontal recovery on to the vessel and then easy recovery of the core barrel once back on deck. The system is simple to deploy and recover on vessels of opportunity.

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