CAM clamping levers for swift and secure fastening

Paul Boughton

WDS has released a new range of CAM levers which allow for quick fastening and unfastening without the need for additional tools. The high quality CAM levers are available in a choice of stainless steel or glass reinforced polystyrene (GRP) construction and a range of sizes to suit individual applications.

CAM levers are suitable for applications that require a high clamping force which can be quickly applied and released. The lever is initially tightened like a traditional screwed fastener, but the final clamping force is applied by a push down lever which turns a CAM to apply the clamping force. 

The WDS range allows the application of clamping forces of between 2.5kN and 8kN without the use of any tools. 

Different sizes are available with reduced profiles for applications with less space, or longer handle options can be purchased to allow the clamping force to be applied with greater ease.

The entire range benefits from tough glass reinforced polystyrene (GRP) thrust washers to offer a secure and long lasting clamping force when the handle is pushed down and the CAM is activated. The levers are available with polished stainless steel handles and stainless steel pin, stud and washer; or black GRP handles with a choice between steel or stainless steel pin, stud and washer.

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