CAD firm expands capabilities

News Editor

CAD/CAM Services has announced the expansion of its inspection capabilities to include first article inspections (FAI) per customer or AS9102 standards.

As one of the few CAD engineering firms certified for high precision conversions by both the aerospace industry and the Department of Defense, CAD/CAM routinely offers in-depth inspection programs designed to provide OEMs with extremely accurate CAD files. This ensures that all CAD drawings and models match the original specifications and are capable of producing parts and assemblies that meet all designs requirements.

FAI is a comprehensive, independent and documented quality control process used by aerospace manufacturers to verify that a supplier conforms to all required physical and mechanical specifications. However, a number of other industries have also adopted the reports in recent years, including: automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, general manufacturing, etc.

CAD/CAM Services is well-known for its CAD Perfect conversions, and its engineers are capable of converting any CAD format file into any other CAD system. Its highly experienced CAD engineers can also make the model (or drawing) compliant with any internal aerospace standard. 

THhe company pioneered the restoration of Mylar drawings – which are often in disrepair - and then converting those into accurate digital formats. Mylar is an obsolete medium that was once very common in engineering and construction because it was more stable than paper. However, over time it degrades, and the accuracy of the drawing is often negatively impacted. With millions of Mylar drawings still in circulation and usually inadequately stored, converting this information into accurate and usable digital formats has become increasingly important.   

With its 3D scanning and reverse engineering expertise, the firm is capable of creating replacement parts for both new and older aircraft to further assist aerospace suppliers. CAD/CAM models include full assemblies that are accurate to ±.002” over any X, Y, & Z axis.

In addition to AS1902 reporting, CAD/CAM can also supply any FAI reporting that a supplier may require, including Q-Checker.