Boosting venting performance in the face of harsh environmental conditions

Jon Lawson

W L Gore & Associates announces the launch of its compact, low-profile GORE PolyVent XS, designed for easier integration into small (up to 2l) outdoor electronic enclosures.

The newest addition to GORE Protective Vents Screw-In Series, GORE PolyVent XS was developed to meet the growing need – in industries like telecom, lighting and solar – to design increasingly-complex electronics into ever-smaller, ever-lighter outdoor enclosures, and to more easily integrate robust venting performance that protects device reliability and longevity in the face of harsh environmental conditions.

This new compact, low-profile GORE PolyVent XS offers engineers more design options, because it optimises three critical dimensions:

* A smaller diameter (just 11. mm) makes GORE PolyVent XS easier to integrate into smaller housings, particularly those with small installed clearances. And, the extra space on the housing exterior can often be used to add heat-transfer fins or other accessory parts that enhance performance.

* The lower installed height (4.5mm) means less external protrusion, which helps enclosures fit in the tightest spaces, and reduces vulnerability to mechanical impacts.

* The short thread height (7mm) means the vent intrudes less deeply into the enclosure, which provides more flexibility in component layout. Shorter thread height can also enable the use of thinner enclosure walls, to reduce enclosure weight and material costs.

Despite its compact size, new GORE PolyVent XS offers notable advantages in the field – all designed to help small outdoor enclosures withstand harsh environmental conditions:

* Added flammability protection: GORE PolyVent XS is the first vent in the Screw-in Series to incorporate the new UL 94 V-0-rated GORE Membrane. This innovation, combined with Gore’s UL 94 V-0-rated vent body, cap and O-ring materials, provides comprehensive flammability resistance. This means added safety for high-value telecom or lighting products, and can spare manufacturers the time and expense of flammability-validation testing.

* Robust performance: GORE PolyVent XS meets other rigorous industry standards, including the Random Vibration test (IEC 60068-2-64 and ETSI EN 300 019-2-2) and resistance to degradation by Ultraviolet Light (UL 746C). The screw-in design also ensures a secure, durable attachment to the housing.

* Reliable ingress protection: The GORE Membrane of 100% ePTFE provides lasting oleophobic and hydrophobic protection. With typical airflow of up to 300ml/minute (dp = 70mbar), this new vent provides rapid, reliable pressure equalization in outdoor enclosures up to 2l, while meeting IP66, IP67 and IP68 (1 hour immersion at 2m) standards.