Boosting on-site nitrogen generation

Paul Boughton

Atlas Copco has launched the new NGP+ on-site nitrogen generator, which can be simply plugged into an existing compressed air network to produce nitrogen of up to 99.999% purity. When combined with Atlas Copco’s latest energy efficient compressors, an on-site nitrogen installation including the NGP+ generator can offer significant benefits compared with reliance on nitrogen from cylinders.

On-site industrial gas generators offer a more sustainable and cost-efficient solution than gas delivered in cylinders or bulk liquid supply, which require transport, handling and resulting administration. A nitrogen generator such as the NGP+, with Pressure Adsorption (PSA) technology, easily plugs into an existing compressed air installation and offers an independent, reliable and flexible supply of nitrogen.

Paul Clark, Business Line Manager of Atlas Copco’s Industrial Air division in the UK, comments: “An on-site nitrogen installation with NGP+ will dramatically increase our customer’s productivity and lower their energy consumption. The NGP+ is our latest generation pressure swing adsorption generator and, when integrated into an energy-efficient compressed air network, it uses 50% less energy than the standard type of installations currently seen in the industry.”

The NGP+ works with PSA technology: carbon molecular sieves (CMS) that adsorb oxygen molecules from compressed air. By using sieves that are perfectly tuned to a compressed air network, the NGP+ adsorbs more oxygen for the same input of compressed air. Its sensors and monitoring functions ensure reliability, optimal performance and energy-efficiency.

Available in flows from 1.6 to 172 l/s, the NGP+ also comes with extensive features to easily adjust the nitrogen purity and pressure, as well as enabling remote monitoring.

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