BLO monitors meet Fire Class A2-s1,d0/ EN 13501-1 standard

Louise Smyth

October 2019 sees the launch of the new series of BLO monitors from Display Technology.

The monitors meet class A2-s1,d0/ EN 13501-1 standard for fire protection and the new series comes complete with a touch screen in sizes 24-inch to 65-inch.

The product was tested through the European fire testing service 'Euroclass' – Euroclass is a reaction to fire testing and classification systems for linings and materials in Europe. The monitor was exposed to open fire for 30 minutes and the flue gas emission was measured. The monitors reached A2-s1, d0 when tested, receiving certification for EN 13501-1.

The new BLO monitors can be fitted with an optional fire extinguisher. This is a small capsule built within the monitors chassis. Once the exterior of the capsule reaches a certain temperature, the capsule releases the specially designed fluid within to extinguish any fire that has reached the interior of the monitor.

In addition there is an option to have higher IP protection classes if required.

The BLO monitors are suitable for public areas where information and guidance is required such as an information kiosks, city guidance for visitors and fire drills for building evacuations, designed for hospitals, universities, schools, airports and public areas. However, these monitors would also be suitable for workplaces with a high volume of employees.

Options available:

  • Monitor
  • Complete as a stand-alone system with integrated pc

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