Big Data 'a catalyst for global tech hubs'

Paul Boughton

Big Data projects will become major catalysts in the creation of global tech hubs, according to specialist recruitment business Hydrogen. This will attract top professionals from around the world to the countries that specialise in this sector.

Dominic McNamara, Global Leader of Hydrogen’s Technology Practice, says: “Technology is being talked about much more by the wider business community, especially in the US and UK which are seeing major investment into big data companies. It is no coincidence that these two countries were also voted the top two destinations for tech professionals in Hydrogen’s Global Professionals on the Move report this year. The best global candidates are at the forefront of this rapidly evolving trend that is having a huge impact on business as a whole. The industry is now extremely powerful and professionals are travelling overseas to capitalise on their expertise in new markets.”

Vinoth Kannan is a big data engineer currently working in Germany who has been a truly global professional since he left India in 2007. He has worked in Italy and France and has now moved to Germany to advance his career in big data.

He says: “I have always been open minded about moving from country to country as it is a means of accessing the best jobs available in the global marketplace. Working in different countries is a great way of broadening one’s perspective through experiencing a wide variety of work cultures and meeting new people.”

This willingness to travel to wherever the best opportunities are is greatly beneficial to companies who can then be assured of reaching the best global talent for their roles.

Tesco recently ran a project with IBM to cut its refrigeration energy costs. The team that undertook the research is international, with consultants from Germany, Argentina, America and Australia in the mix.

John Walsh, Data Consumption Manager for Tesco UK and Ireland, says: “Now that an increasing number of technology professionals are prepared to travel all over the world for the right role, we can undertake projects of this scale in the absolute knowledge that we have the people with the very best skill sets drawn from a global talent pool.”

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