A better way to calibrate

Since the establishment of Beamex in 1975, the company has focused strongly and consistently on calibration. Beamex is a technology and service company that develops, manufactures and markets high-quality calibration equipment, software, systems and services for the calibration and maintenance of process instruments. The company is a leading worldwide provider of integrated calibration solutions for improving quality and efficiency. 

Beamex offers a comprehensive range of products and services—from portable calibrators to workstations, calibration accessories, calibration software, industry-specific solutions and professional services. Through Beamex’s global and competent partner network, Beamex’s products and services are available in more than 80 countries, with more than 10,000 companies worldwide utilising its calibration solutions. Beamex solutions are used across various industries such as the pharmaceutical, energy, oil and gas, food and beverage, service as well as the petrochemical and chemical industries. 

Our calibration products and services include:

Beamex MC6 - an advanced, high-accuracy field calibrator and communicator. It offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature and various electrical signals. The MC6 also contains a fieldbus communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA instruments. The usability and ease-of-use are among the main features of the MC6. 

Beamex MC6-T - an extremely versatile portable automated temperature calibration system. It combines a state-of-the-art temperature dry-block with Beamex MC6 multifunction process calibrator technology. It offers versatility, that no other temperature calibrator can match. With the ability to generate temperature as well as measure and simulate temperature and electrical signals, it offers a really unique combination of functionality. 

Beamex MC6-Ex - an intrinsically safe advanced field calibrator and communicator, designed for use in extreme environments. It is ATEX, IECEx and North American certified and can be used in all hazardous zones / divisions. The MC6-Ex includes a field communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus protocols.

Beamex CMX calibration management software helps in planning, managing, analysing and documenting all calibration work and assets safely and efficiently, even in a highly regulated industry.

Beamex LOGiCAL is a subscription-based calibration software using cloud technology, which helps you to manage your calibration process. It allows you to maintain your users, plant structure, calibration references and store all of your calibration results.

Over forty years of experience in manufacturing and developing calibration equipment and systems, close co-operation with customers that have high requirements and uncompromising quality standards, shared by the people working at Beamex, are things that have made Beamex’s calibration solutions world-class. 

“The quality of Beamex products, backed by their leading-edge software, allows us to deliver the high standards of accuracy and efficiency our customers have come to expect. This is why Beamex is our calibration solution of choice.” - Slade Industries (Australia) Case Story

“The test equipment is very fast. It used to take us about two hours to carry out a verification. Now we only need half the time. Because I’m much faster, I can get through about twice as many instruments, which of course offers significant added value for the customer.” - Tratz Gastec GmbH, Germany


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