Battery mag flow meter

Louise Smyth

The M5000 IP68plus is a battery operated electromagnetic flow meter designed for water metering and management.

It is designed to meet the highest demands of water metering applications assuring the user of reliable and accurate measurements with low maintenance.

The meter comes certified to OIML R49 and MID MI-001 providing a meter that conforms to the requirements throughout Europe and the world.

With many water metering applications it is often found that the meter will be submersed and it is essential that the meter will still work in these situations.

The M5000 IP68plus as its name suggests is IP68 rated suitable for continuous immersion and the integral model can still be operated whilst immersed.

Another constraint can be the lack of power supply in remote areas, but the M5000 is battery powered and offers up to 20 years life allowing the meter to work without the worry of regular maintenance.

With many meter technologies there is a requirement for straight sections of pipe before and after the meter, which limits the installation position and often requires pipe modifications, however the M5000 IP68plus requires no straight pipe sections making it a great option where installation points are limited.

The M5000 also boats and internal data logger function to monitor water usage that can be accessed by the IrDA interface avoiding opening the front panel of the device.

There is also the added option of a GSM/GPRS modem to transmit the logged data.

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