Modular electric actuators give an adaptable advantage

In 2014 AUMA celebrated 50 years at the forefront of modular electric actuation technology innovation – benefits of its adaptable design include fit and forget flexibility for valve control applications.

2,200 people work for AUMA worldwide. Prestigious R&D and production facilities are located in Germany and 19 subsidiaries in all continents provide comprehensive global sales and after sales service.

With over 100 engineers in AUMA’s R&D, a strong engineering focus and highly developed technology guarantees product performance and an ability to remain at the forefront of actuation solutions. Development of the modular concept continues and recent advancements have been announced across the product range. Additionally, AUMA has pioneered a new two-layer powder coating process for advanced corrosion protection. A key strength of the company is its ability to take full responsibility for installation, platform, commissioning and operation.

 Applications include oil-gas-petrochem, water/wastewater treatment, conventional/nuclear power and civil/military vessels.

AUMA – your partner worldwide for valve control

AUMA Products

Modular electric actuators and gearboxes   
•    multi-turn 

•    part-turn 
•    linear 
•    lever 

Master stations and test equipment
In 2010, AUMA launched a new range of multi-turn actuators and controls. Developed to meet the increasing demands of process plants, AUMA’s modular construction is the design philosophy behind the new range. Standard components combine to create customised solutions for valve applications. Compatibility and interchangeability with previous AUMA lines ensures low risk investment. 

New AUMA actuators for oil and gas applications

As part of the new range, AUMA introduced SAEx actuators. A torque range between 10 Nm and 16,000 Nm is offered. In combination with the company’s GS part-turn gearboxes, torques up to 675,000 Nm can be achieved. The torque range ensures that a wide range of valve sizes and pressure levels are supported within a plant. All SAEx actuators are integrated into the DCS using standardised control technology.

AUMA  actuators’ –  features and benefits

Easy operation
Operation and configuration options are presented on a large, easily read display. Menu navigation is user-friendly and multi-lingual with 28 languages currently supported including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Operation with local controls, or wireless connection, uses PDA or laptop via AUMA’s ToolSuite software.

Intelligent diagnostics avoid down-time
Permanent recording & analysis of impacting factors is provided & specification deviations/limit excesses are recorded - plant operators are updated on any potential failure situation & action can be taken to reduce down time. Events are classified according to NAMUR guidelines.


Easy device integration
Parallel communication with up to 10 digital inputs and 12 output contacts gives a comprehensive DCS interface - all conventional fieldbus systems are supported. Seamless device integration into the DCS, such as FDT/DTM, is provided.

Enhanced applications
Undervoltage conditions to – 30% and ambient temperatures between –60 °C and 120 °C are supported.


Improved operation and handling
An enhanced user experience includes improved handwheel enabling single-handed operation and valve position adjustments with minimal pressure. Manual operation can be activated via a signal to the control room.

 Precision and control accuracy
Improvements to mechanical structure, and reduction in mechanical tolerances, provide enhanced control accuracy and extended output speed range.

Materials, design and manufacturing, combined with enhanced corrosion protection, mean longer service life.

Plant specific safety concepts are supported. Redundant fieldbus sub assemblies and/or combined interfaces with parallel and fieldbus communication increase fail-safe reliability. In emergency situations, actuators can be positioned in predefined safety positions via emergency inputs. AUMA actuators are classified in accordance with SIL.

AUMA actuators are internationally approved for hazardous areas. 
World leading companies including oil and gas organisations have awarded approval for AUMA actuators in their plants.



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