Innovative gas and exhaust gas treatment

Since its foundation in 2000, APROVIS has been operating successfully as a medium-sized company on the national and international market. We are constantly developing further.

APROVIS' expertise lies in exhaust gas and gas treatment technology. As the only supplier in the CHP market, APROVIS provides system solutions for fuel gas from gas engines as well as system solutions in the exhaust line of CHPs. 
APROVIS supplies individual components and complete solutions. We optimise entire process sequences according to the requirements of our customers and applicable guidelines and test standards. APROVIS has its own research and development department and a combined heat and power plant as a test stand.

Our products

APROVIS offers a wide range of products for gas and exhaust gas technology as well as special applications. 

Gas technology

  • APROVIS FriCon cools and dehumidifies process gases of different types like from biogas plants, sewage treatment plants, landfills or other sources.

  • APROVIS ActiCo is for cleaning the dried gas from harmful substances by means of activated carbon filters.

  • APROVIS process gas heat exchangers are for cooling or heating gases from different sources. Applications from low to high temperatures and pressures up to 160 bar.

Exhaust gas technology

  • APROVIS exhaust gas heat exchangers use the waste heat from combined heat and power plants or other sources of flue gas to produce hot or overheated water.

  • APROVIS heat recovery steam generators produce saturated steam up to 25 bar with energy from the waste gas of combined heat and power plants or other sources.

  • APROVIS silencers are compact and offer optimum sound insulation. They cover low to high frequency ranges.

  • APROVIS oxidation and 3-way catalytic converters reduce the pollutants in the exhaust gas that are produced when engines burn fuels.

  • APROVIS SCR catalysts perform the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gases from stationary engines. The APROVIS SCR system includes all necessary equipment for operation and control.

Special applications

  • APROVIS high-temperature heat exchangers use the heat and energy from flue gases from industrial processes. 

  • APROVIS gland steam condensers are used for large steam turbines to recover the gland steam and energy.

System solutions from APROVIS

  • APROVIS is a specialist for system solutions. Even complex plants can be operated in a customer-friendly way. With digital control, it is easy to access plants remotely. APROVIS' teams of technicians react quickly and flexibly, whether for retrofits or container solutions.

APROVIS 360 service world. We’re at your service – anytime, anywhere.

APROVIS is your contact for the entire operating time of the plant, including service and maintenance. Benefit from APROVIS standard products or let us plan and design your project for you. With APROVIS, everything comes from a single source.



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