Alternative to liquid adhesives

Paul Boughton

Multi-Seals Inc has introduced an alternative to liquid adhesives for component assembly. Multi-Seals F05 Poly-forms are flexible pre-shaped adhesives designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass.  

F05 has negligible vertical flow, which keeps the adhesive contained in precisely defined areas.

The pre-shaped copolymer prevents drips and dispensing inconsistencies typical of liquid adhesives.

Adhesive placement is highly consistent from bond to bond. The durability and flexibility of F05 Poly-forms facilitates manual and automated handling and increases production rates.  F05 can be pre-shaped in multiform configurations to accommodate a broad range of applications.

The temperature and time required to process F05 depend upon component materials, design, bond requirements, and operating environment.  Adding pressure and increasing oven temperature and time improves adhesion.  The minimum processing temperature is 225°F (107°C).  

A typical processing schedule is 275°F (135°C) for 10 minutes under 5 psi.  Additional processing profiles are shown on the attached specification sheet.

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