Aero engine maker acquires integrated measurement assembly platforms

Louise Davis

RPI UK has supplied five integrated measurement assembly platforms (iMAPs) to Rolls-Royce and its approved MRO facilities.

RPI’s iMAP, which can reduce inspection times by 90% and improve gauge repeatability and reproducibility by up to 10 times, will be used by Rolls-Royce to measure and assemble engine turbine rotors at its sites in Derby and Germany.

Atlanta-based Delta Airlines, who carry out maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of the Rolls-Royce Trent engine have also purchased a RPI iMAP machine - the first one sold to a Rolls Royce-approved MRO facility.

iMAP’s data acquisition software AccuScan enables manufacturers to measure up to 4,000 data points on up to eight surfaces simultaneously per revolution thereby significantly reducing process times compared with other available methods. 

This significantly improved inspection data is then used by IntelliStack, iMAP’s Rotor Stacking Program, to solve the mathematical problem of how to best assemble a multi-stage rotor assembly to achieve minimum runout or unbalance of the finished rotor.

Specifically designed to inspect large and heavy components, RPI’s iMAP machines are fully compatible with any shop floor environment whilst maintaining accuracies more commonly seen in the standards laboratory. Combining a motorised high precision air bearing rotary axis, rigid column unit, anti-vibration granite base and AccuScan multi-channel circular geometry inspection software, iMAP is ideal for productivity improvement in turbine rotor assembly.


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