Advances in high pressure positioning accuracy

Louise Smyth

Heason Technology partners with a number of leading component manufacturers whose products are intrinsic to its customised motion systems design and build service for high precision positioning systems. Heason has announced that one of its distribution partners, Zettlex, has added a high pressure option to its comprehensive range of durable inductive angle encoders - which in turn expands the application potential for positioners and actuators for use in subsea, oil & gas and industrial high pressure process environments.

Zettlex´s IncOder inductive encoder technology is well proven and has a long list of successful installations for high temperature/humidity, high
vibration/shock and other extreme environments where individual angle, position, speed or complete servo feedback, is essential. Throughout the
IncOder´s Mini, Midi and Maxi series - which span nominal diameter sizes from 37 to 595 mm - a wide choice of options allow a great deal of
installation flexibility. 

Users can choose angular resolutions from 10 to 22 bits, or any whole-number of pulses/rev. Supply voltage options cover 5, 12 and 24 VDC whilst mechanical interfacing for the two-part rotor/stator angle encoder includes shaft mount, servo clamp, external mount and more. This wide choice is further enhanced with output and communications interfaces that cover, but are not limited, to Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), analogue voltage (+/- 10 V etc.), A/B/Z pulses and BISS. The large internal diameter, which is inherent to the IncOder design, also allows through-hole access for wiring, air/hydraulics and other services. All these features make the angle encoder a great choice for many other positioning applications, not just for extreme environments.

For operation at high pressures, for example in deep-sea equipment such as submersible vehicles or remotely operated valves for subsea oil and
gas fields, users can now specify an extended range product option that shifts the recommended pressure range up to 280 bar (4,000 psi). This
extended range combines with the already high levels of resilience to all types of extreme conditions that the IncOder can accommodate. For Heason, this option will mean that servo feedback for precision actuators and positioning systems that are used in arduous application conditions will not be limited for such high pressures environments.

As an example of an application that could benefit from the extended range Zettlex IncOders, Heason has recently completed the supply of a
precision rotary actuator that accurately positions and powers the rudder and hydroplanes on a scaled submersible ROV vehicle. This was developed for hydrodynamic design evaluation studies for military submarines. The extended pressure range could be specified as part of the servo control, if perhaps the customer required the ROV to perform at higher pressures and lower working depths.

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