Resin offers 'excellent' hydrological performance

Paul Boughton
SABIC’s new NORYL resin complies with current European and global sustainability regulations governing materials used in potable water systems andalso with new, tougher regulations slated to go into effect in 2016.

Developed at SABIC’s Fluid Engineering Center of Excellence in the Netherlands, NORYL FE1630PW resin is a 30-per cent glass-reinforced polyphenylene ether (PPE) that offers 'excellent hydrological performance in both cold and hot water systems'.

The next-generation resin also meets tightening global specifications regarding compliance of glass fibre and sizing with US and European food contact requirements. This PPE technology advancement further demonstrates SABIC’s proactive efforts to provide the fluid engineering industry with higher-performing, compliant materials that lead regulatory changes. [Page Break]

“Our new NORYL resin solution is part of SABIC’s global sustainability strategy to create new technologies that help our customers conserve natural resources, such as drinking water,” said Ilknur Gur, general manager, Specialty Portfolio in Europe, Innovative Plastics. “Improving the performance and lifespan of water carrier systems can make an important contribution to human health while supporting global industry demand for high-end, environmentally responsible thermoplastics. The launch of our new NORYL resin also showcases how our Fluid Engineering Center of Excellence and our world-class experts continue to break new ground in materials science, including state-of-the-art testing, to enable SABIC to meet the current and future needs of our customers.”

Plastics regulated under the major European and global directives for potable water systems already must comply with the food contact requirements of Food Contact Europe (FCEU) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In 2016, these rules will be expanded to include glass fibre and sizing. Glass-reinforced NORYL FE1630PW resin has been rigorously tested and shown to meet these upcoming standards, as well as Germany’s KTW regulation, the European and UK Water Regulations Advisory Board (WRAS), France’s Attestation de Conformite Sanitaire (ACS) and the global NSF/ANSI Standard 61.[Page Break]

NORYL FE1630PW resin delivers long-term water resistance under conditions of fluctuating temperature (up to 85°C) and pressure, including water hammer. Its performance has been substantiated with data from SABIC’s Fluid Engineering Center of Excellence Laboratory, which is available upon request. The material also provides excellent processing characteristics including good stability and low reject rates.

Applications for NORYL FE1630PW include hydroblocks for boilers used for heating and drinking water, faucet cartridges and shower head water guide parts.

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