Process module sets sail

Paul Boughton
At Heerema Fabrication Group’s yard in Hartlepool, UK, the BP Andrew process module is completed and has set sail to its final offshore destination in UK’s central North Sea.
Early 2011 Heerema Hartlepool started the fabrication of the 750 tons process module with a length 18 metres, a width of 13 metres and a height of 28 meters for installation on the existing BP Andrew platform.

Ken Scott, Project Manager of Heerema Hartlepool explained: “The fabrication process of the BP Andrew module was a challenging project with many design changes during the process and a special method of installing the module on the existing structure. The BP module has been constructed as a so-called ‘bolt on’ process module. This means that the whole process module will be positioned on the side of the existing platform, on two huge hinge pins placed into two  engagement hooks welded onto the existing BP Andrew brownfield platform structure.”

Ken continues: “We also used an unusual technique of installing and dressing the electrical cabling. The pulling installation and dressing was done by means of telescopic boom lifts (cherry pickers), due to access restrictions as a result of the configuration of the module.”

Alan Lloyd, Yard Manager of Heerema Hartlepool continued: “The BP Andrew project created 180 jobs on our yard and subsequent supply chain. Heerema Hartlepool successfully managed to achieve the project delivery safely without any single lost time injuries, despite the increased safety risk caused by changes in design and subsequently the construction sequencing.”

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