Rugged mobile computer for rail asset management

Paul Boughton

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, also known as DC Metro, selected the Eurotech DuraCOR rugged mobile computer for its Rail Mileage Based Asset Management Project.  

WMATA has placed an approximately $1.2 million order for DuraCOR systems to be delivered over the next two years.

WMATA’s Rail Mileage Based Asset Management Project is a comprehensive approach to improving and ensuring the reliability of their rail car fleet that includes the accurate capture of rail car mileage, improvements in the management of rail car asset and component configurations, moving the preventive maintenance program from time-based intervals to mileage-based operations.

“The DuraCOR fits rail asset management system requirements since it is both compact and ruggedized to withstand mechanical, vibration and extreme temperature stress in harsh conditions,” said Greg Nicoloso, CEO Eurotech North America. “With the DuraCOR, WMATA will be able to collect valuable data about their trains and analyze it to anticipate maintenance and other issues in a timely manner.”
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