New version of transmitter and sensor controller

Paul Boughton
Burkert is launching a new version of its multiCELL controller for managing signals from a variety of sensors. B

The new revised type 8619 multiCELL transmitter/controllers are essentially designed to cut costs in processing applications; a systems engineer can in many instances replace an entire control cabinet with one neat controller with a built-it display.

The relative costs of a separate enclosure, rack mounted plc, I/O, cabling, power supply, HMI etc. can effectively be replaced with just one multiCELL unit.

A major additional advantage of the new multiCELL is the entire suite of data management and process control software modules already on-board, allowing easy management of sensor signals and process data collection.

Married to data processing and display, plus easy control parameters that can be adapted to take care of a huge range of process tasks from temperature and level control to flow, process conductivity, pH and any combination of all these and other variables, it makes the new unit a very easy to use and useful device.

The multiCELL multichannel transmitter/controller fits a standard ¼ DIN cutout to provide an IP65 fascia; it is a highly versatile analysis measuring system ideal for applications including managing water treatment, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, for example.

It comprises a fully-featured basic modular unit equipped with a large backlit display, user-friendly soft key controls, two digital and frequency inputs, direct connections for various sensor types and two digital and analogue outputs that drive solenoid valves, control valves and actuators, such as dosing pumps.

The high level of functionality included in the basic multiCELL unit can be expanded easily, by adding hardware and software modules. Depending on signal requirements, up to six pre-configured I/O boards can be added, and software packages can be installed for further enhancements of the transmitter functions.

In addition, the versatile multiCELL can also be configured as a Multipoint data logger with data storage on SD cards.

New for this latest version is an additional input board, which provides an easy direct connection to sensors with a 4-20mA output for standard signals such as pressure and level and allowing complete control loops via the analogue signals.

The input can be switched via the menu system to work for input signals from 0-5V or 0-10V. The additional board leaves all the existing channels open while also allowing for remote control of the device, plus connection to more remote sensors and built-in sensors found in many Burkert process control devices such as the popular new ELEMENT range.

The advantage of this modular expansion facility is that multiCELL users pay only for the features that they actually require. Moreover, since the multiCELL provides a single transmitter across a wide range of applications, inventory and training costs are also both minimised.

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