Safety shutdown and overpressure protection

Paul Boughton

Safety systems specialist Hima-Sella has been awarded and commenced work on two contracts for the design, manufacture and installation of safety systems for the Teesside Gas Processing Plant (TGPP) at Seal Sands in Middlesbrough; which is currently being modified to receive and process gas from the Breagh field in the North Sea.

Under one contract, awarded by AMEC, Hima-Sella is providing an Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system at the processing plant. The ESD is being built around a HIMA HIQuad H51q-HS (SIL 3 rated) Programmable Electronic System (PES), which features dual redundant CPUs and will reside in four system cabinets (three of which will be at the processing plant and a fourth that will be located on the unmanned Breagh Alpha platform - about 100km offshore).

Under the second contract, this one awarded by J. Murphy & Sons Ltd, a civil engineering and building contractor, Hima-Sella is providing a High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) which will be located at a Beach Valve Compound (a landfall site about 10km from the processing plant for a 20-in class 1500 pipeline from the Breagh Alpha platform). The HIPPS will also be based on the HIMA HIQuad H51q (PES) and will perform 2oo3 voting on pressure transmitters to provide autonomous and fail-safe protection of the downstream pipeline against overpressure.  

Photo credit: RWE Dea AG
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