Wind farm contract awarded to Nordex

Paul Boughton

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has been awarded a contract for the delivery and installation of the Honkajoki wind farm by the Finnish Wealth Management company Taaleritehdas.

With a capacity of 21.6MW, the wind farm comprises nine N117/2400 multi-megawatt turbines mounted on top of 120-metre high towers. This is the first call-off under a framework agreement signed as recently as in June for the delivery of up to 111 turbines.

Nordex will be installing the Honkajoki wind farm in South-West Finland, where mean wind speeds of 7.5m/s prevail. Thanks to the specific configuration of the N117 turbines, the wind farm will generate an above-average annual yield of up to 100 GWh, thus achieving a capacity factor of around 50 per cent. Installation is to commence in spring 2013.

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