Seminar: Improve your wind farm performance and efficiency

Paul Boughton
The Improve Your Wind Farm Performance and Efficiency Seminar on 3rd October 2012 in Livingston, Edinburgh, is a joint ITS & ICONICS‚ event, showcasing a range of wind energy solutions that help to improve wind farm performance.

The free seminar is suitable for wind farm owners, operators and developers, and will demonstrate how efficiency can be increased by monitoring real-time operations.

The event will be an opportunity to observe how the latest technology assists in improving uptime, detecting and diagnosing turbine faults, recording keep performance indicator (KPI) data, tracking weather information, visualising trends and accessing data anytime, anywhere, on a PC or tablet device.

The seminar will demonstrate how real-time data from disparate wind farm turbines and control systems, including maintenance and downtime data, KPIs and weather information, can be displayed in a single dashboard and used to increase wind farm efficiency.

With this data wind farm operators and owners can easily monitor performance and track KPIs such as uptime, availability, equipment effectiveness and power, as well as correlating factors such as temperature, wind speed and wind direction.

ITS and ICONICS will be marrying presentations with product demonstrations to illustrate how straightforward the technology is to operate. The software solutions on display offer seamless connectivity via OPC, Modbus, BACnet and other protocols, and require no additional hardware.

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