Ruggedised 300W 3U compactPCI power supplies

Paul Boughton

Gresham Power Electronics, the defence and commercial power conversion specialist, has launched ruggedised versions of its highly successful 300W, 3U cPCI power supply.

Available in 24VDC, 48VDC and universal AC input versions the new power supply range has a conformal coating making it suitable for extreme industrial, MIL/COTS and marine applications.

Fully compliant to the PICMG 2.11 Power Interface Specification the AC 3U 300R provides 300W maximum power in standard 3U x 8HP shelf space with interconnection via a Positronic 47 pin connector.

The new cPCI power supplies are hot-swap and parallel redundant enabled. Extra-high power density allows up to 40A to be drawn from the +3.3VDC output and 30A from the +5VDC output at 55ºC.

The two main outputs feature remote sense and OR-ing diodes allowing single wire current sharing for increasing output power or n+1 redundant operation. The power supply has control signals for over-temperature, over voltage and over current protection as well as power-good and inhibit for systems integration. Input good, power fail and over temperature front panel LED indicators are also fitted.
The new Gresham ruggedised CompactPCI power supplies are industry standard size, 3U x 8HP, and have the customary +5VDC, +3.3VDC and +/-12VDC outputs. The AC input model has a universal input from 90–264VAC and active power factor correction.

Very high efficiency and power density are achieved by employing independent parallel converter topology and state of the art synchronous rectification, low profile magnetics and a high degree of surface mount assembly.
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