5-Pin package increases creepage and clearance distance

Paul Boughton
High power industrial applications such as solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and motor drives demand a gate driver optocoupler capable of handling networks greater than 690VAC and constant DC voltages greater than1000VDC.

In order to achieve this, a creepage and clearance distance of 10mm or greater is essential. Similarly, applications such as Harsh Environment Inverters (HEI) also require wider creepage and clearance distances even with a 690VAC network.

To help designers meet this challenge, Fairchild Semiconductor developed the FOD8320, an advanced 2.5A Output Current Gate Driver Optocoupler.
Using Fairchild’s Optoplanar packaging technology and optimised IC design, the FOD8320 optocoupler achieves reliable and high insulation voltage as well as high noise immunity.

The device, housed in a wide body 5-pin small outline package, offers a compact footprint while allowing for a creepage and clearance distance greater than 10mm and 0.5mm internal insulation distance.

Additionally, the FOD8320 provides an extended industrial temperature range (-40 to +00ºC) and is ideally suited for fast switching of power IGBTs and MOSFETs used in industrial inverter applications.

Designed with 35kV/µs minimum Common Mode Noise Rejection (CMR) resulting from the proprietary Optoplanar coplanar packaging technology, the FOD8320 eliminates the capacitive charge buildup that occurs in the over-under construction.

For more information, visitwww.fairchildsemi.com/pf/FO/FOD8320.html