AS9100 certification

Paul Boughton

Ondrives is currently working towards AS9100 certification, which is the most recognised standard within the aerospace industry which they hope to have completed by Spring 2012. This will compliment their existing ISO 9001 recognition and take them to another level in terms of product quality and what they can now offer to an ever increasing array of markets. 

Aerospace is a key area within engineering, and Ondrives are already part of that, supplying high-end parts manufactured from the clean and pristine environments demanded by this level of certification.

Major investment in state-of-the-art gear cutting and measuring equipment have seen to this once again, with a new Gleason P90 just arriving in March 2012.

All precision gears, whether it be helicals, spur or bevels, racks, worms, wheels and gearboxes are manufactured in-house to these exacting standards ensuring quality control is at its best constantly.

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Ondrives Ltd, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.

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