Solar energy in off-grid locations

Paul Boughton
Over the past few years, the use of solar energy in off-grid locations has increased rapidly. Photovoltaic solar energy presents a cost-effective alternative or complement to diesel generators. As a result, solar power and hybrid solutions provide an improved return on investment that is quick to set up and becoming increasingly popular solutions.

Solar technology is ideally suited for use in the oil and gas industry. It is versatile, reliable and well suited to remote off-grid locations – where most of the oil and gas industry operates. It is also simple to maintain and ensure the system’s effective performance for more than 20 years.
Tenesol, the solar power provider recently acquired by SunPower Corp, has delivered its 750th off-grid solar system to the oil and gas industry in the Middle East.

Since 2004, Tenesol has worked with some of the region’s largest oil and gas operators to provide solar solutions that answer the industry’s need for power in isolated locations.

“Providing sustainable energy solutions for off-grid equipment is now a major part of the oil and gas industry,” says Jacques Mathan, export sales manager at Tenesol. “As oil prices rise and climate change continues the need for alternative energy solutions increases. The suitability of solar energy’s capabilities in the oil and gas industry, combined with the Middle East’s ideal climate, means this is a fast expanding market.”

Supplying 750 systems to the oil and gas industry in the Middle East means Tenesol has been involved in some of the region’s major oil and gas projects. Tenesol’s systems are used for a range of activities such as powering security equipment, wellhead systems for cathodic protection, monitoring equipment and control systems along pipelines. The individual systems range in size from just 2 kWp to much larger 372 kWp systems.

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