Global Pulp, Paper and Biofuels Summit

Paul Boughton
‘Future proof. Solutions for an ever changing world.’ is the theme of HPS’ 2012 Global Pulp, Paper and Biofuels Summit. The summit will focus on timely issues impacting these industries, and will be held in conjunction with the Global Web Gauging Summit, in Vienna, Austria, May 15-16th.
Registration for the two-day conference opens on March 1st.
Delegates will debate topics such as:

* How new offerings minimise the total lifecycle cost of mill equipment.
* How advanced next generation control functions can reduce variability, raw material and energy usage in pulping and recovery processes.
* How pulp and paper mills can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and become leaders in the production of renewable energy using forest biomass.
* Could going green help the pulp and paper industry speed up its recovery?
* Special process requirements for fuel and power sources of the future: biofuel, wind, solar, hydro and coal gasification.
* In addition to the solutions available today, what technology innovations are on the horizon to deliver leaner, greener operational processes?
Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) will also be showcasing its latest integrated quality control and process knowledge system: Experion MX. In addition, there will be other live and hands-on demonstrations of Honeywell technology and one-to-one interactions with product experts. The conference agenda is driven by customers supported by a core team of HPS experts, and will include representatives from leading pulp, paper and biofuels organisations.
Throughout the two day conference, attendees will share insights and best practices with each other, and with invited experts, which can positively impact the bottom line of the organisations attending. This year’s speakers include representatives from leading pulp, paper and biofuels organisations from around the globe.

Based on past experience, this event attracts attendees from the Nordics, Russia, Continental Europe, UK, Americas and Asia.

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