Video: Tightly sealed energy tubes

Paul Boughton

When supplying energy to machinery, particularly in areas where exposure to dust, dirt, chips and fluid etc is a problem, one issue machine builders have is how to prevent the energy supply from being damaged. For industries such as machine tools and even in general mechanical engineering, cable and hoses that are exposed to swarfe or chips can be damaged and replacement can be very expensive.
igus RX energy tubes keep cables and hoses totally enclosed and secure within the machine. Integral sealing design ensures an extremely tight seal, meaning that the RX energy tubes can be submerged in water or any other substances. Other design features include a covered pin/hole connection and a completely smooth contoured exterior allowing any chips to fall away easily.
The chip and moisture proof product is supplied in 4 standard sizes with inner heights and widths ranging from 42mm x 80mm, up to 73mm x 140mm.  All types in this range have a reverse bending radius version that can be supplied. In addition to this, the RX range can be supplied with interior separators and guide troughs.
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