Non-contacting linear position transducer has 'teach' function

Paul Boughton

Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new range of compact and robust linear position transducers with a novel non-contacting and long life inductive measurement principle for travel display or position feedback in industrial environments.

The NOVOPAD LS1 series, from Variohm's exclusive German distribution partner Novotechnik, features an integrated signal processor with optional voltage or current output and includes a teach function using push-buttons and a status LED for straightforward in-situ range setting. The NOVOPAD principle is based on a low-cost printed circuit board design that allows an absolute linearity of up to 0.05 per cent across the full measurement range.

The push-rod style LS1 has a durable anodised aluminium housing with a profile of only 18mm x 18mm. With a double bearing support that allows high lateral forces at the rod tip, the transducer can be supplied with or without an internal return spring. The internal spring version, available in four measurement ranges from 25mm to 100mm, includes a rear end adjustable stop nut to facilitate connection to hydraulic and pneumatic actuators or solenoids. The non-sprung version, supplied in six range versions from 25 mm to 200 mm, has a hardened ball coupling that enables backlash-free and shear force-free operation even with axis misalignment.

Further options across both LS1 styles include a choice of 12- or 13-bit resolution to suit measurement speed and resolution requirements, and a choice of 0...10 VDC or 4...20 mA output to suit the direction of measurement. Electrical connection includes a 3-wire free cable, a directly mounted 3-way connector in both straight or angled M8 styles, or a cabled connector in a choice of cable lengths.

The non-contacting and wear-free transducer is capable of 100 million movements or 175,000 hours operation, with a maximum speed of 5 m/sec and acceleration to 5 g. Other environmental specification notables are a shock rating to 100g, vibration to 20 g at 10 to 2000Hz, and operational temperature range from -30ºC to 100ºC for the cabled version.

Furthermore, as the NOVOPAD inductive measurement principle used in the LS1 is not affected by magnetic fields, they may be used in close proximity to magnetic devices such as linear and rotary servomotors. The transducers may also be exchanged, or removed and replaced, without the need for recalibration.

The new NOVOPAD LS1 series is part of a wide range of Novotechnik contacting and non-contacting linear and angular position sensors available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from Variohm EuroSensor.

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