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Paul Boughton
Clean energy recovery from waste business Energos says that fresh UK government support will help the company to progress its proposed multi-million pound UK investment, after becoming the first waste fuelled gasification or pyrolysis plant operator to receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

The first payment of ROCs has been paid to Energos for the final quarter of 2010, and will continue to be issued by Ofgem. The auction price for ROCs approached £50 in March 2011.

The ROCs apply to the Isle of Wight gasification plant, which employs Energos technology and was the UK’s first full scale gasification plant to operate on household waste. As an advanced conversion technology it receives ROCs for each megawatt hour of renewable electricity generated from the renewable portion of the residual waste (typically more than 60 per cent of the waste).

ROCs are not available to incineration schemes, unless they generate both heat and electricity and meet strict quality standards, but are available to gasification and pyrolysis schemes as advanced conversion technologies. 
Nick Dawber, Managing Director of Energos said: “Now we have reached agreement with Ofgem and are receiving ROCs, we can press ahead with developing several small scale projects in the UK. Planning consent has been granted for seven more energy recovery facilities using Energos technology.  These are community sized plants that can supply both heat and/or electricity from non-recyclable and non-hazardous household waste and commercial waste streams.”
As well as providing a long-term, secure, energy supply, Energos gasification technology will qualify for the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive. In addition, as renewable energy it is exempt from obligations under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Under phase 2 of the scheme, companies should be allowed to trade the resultant CO2 credits.
Energos’ eighth energy recovery facility has recently been completed in Sarpsborg, Norway, which brings operating experience for the Energos technology to more than 450,000 hours over 14 years.
A typical Energos plant generates 9MWe of renewable electricity, sufficient to power 10,000 homes. It is designed to complement recycling initiatives and is a small scale model that is ideally suited to serving local communities. As such, facilities can often be sited next to energy consumers to optimise heat recovery, or in locations where a heat delivery or district heating system could be developed. Energos systems provide a local solution for local waste and eliminate the unnecessary transport of waste. 

The UK Renewables Obligation specifically supports gasification as an advanced conversion technology for producing renewable energy from municipal waste. To obtain Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) gasification schemes must produce syngas with a CV greater than 2 MJ/m3 and where the syngas produced is of sufficiently good quality (with a CV of greater than 4 MJ/m3) the electricity produced benefits from 2 ROCs per MWh.
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