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Paul Boughton
Nord-Lock’s has introduced a laser marking for every washer pair, with which the company takes another significant step forward in terms of safety, quality and service.
Gradually during 2011 Nord-Lock will introduce a laser marking on each washer pair including the Nord-Lock brand, the unique control number and a type code. The move has been made possible by Nord-Lock’s recent investment in laser marking equipment, and the benefits for customers are numerous.
“It means the customer knows they have the right washer type in their application,” says Christer Svedberg, Nord-Lock Development Engineer and developer of the new laser marking system. “They also can see that it is a Nord-Lock product and know that it means high quality.” The branding not only reinforces Nord-Lock’s technical superiority and reliability, but also helps differentiate them from copies. Customers can feel assured that they are using genuine Nord-Lock components, while the company can protect its reputation and image.
Since long Nord-Lock marks every box with the control number, but by marking each individual pair too, traceability has been significantly improved. “Using the control number any washer pair can be traced through the productions step, down to the steel charge,” says Christer. For users, the laser marking ensures traceability even when using bin systems for fasteners. Washers are also marked with a type code, making it easier for users to differentiate different types of materials and coatings.
Laser inscriptions will be strong enough to be readable until the washer has been assembled for the first time, while at the same time soft enough to ensure that in no way will the quality of the washer be affected. ”We have ensured that the laser marking does not compromise the quality in terms of corrosion resistance or locking function,” says Christer. “It is merely an improvement for users who demand full control in their applications.”
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NORD-LOCK International AB is based in Malmö, Sweden.

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