Hydrotest test opens up higher pressure markets

Paul Boughton
Pipeline connecting technology delivered by Swagelining Limited is to bring increased benefits to operators after being proven to withstand significantly higher pressures during exploration and production activity.
Pipeline rehabilitation and life extending specialists Swagelining Limited has announced that WeldLink fittings are effective in pressure applications of up to 410 bar. A recent hydrotest proves that this technology can now be used in even higher pressure applications throughout the oil and gas industry.
Previously proven to be effective for use in up to 344 bar pressure, the 24 hour hydrotest saw a Swagelined 14-in water injection pipeline joined using the WeldLink connector subjected to hydrostatic pressure of 410 bar. The results demonstrated that the WeldLink joint lost no pressure during the test and provided a complete water-tight seal.
Steven Barnes, Managing Director, Swagelining Limited said: “We have an increasing number of clients using our patented Swagelining technology to line subsea and onshore pipelines as an efficient and cost effective method of corrosion prevention. Proof that the connector technology along with the liner can withstand up to 410 bar pressure opens up new markets for our unique technology.”
Originally developed for use in subsea pipelines, the WeldLink connector is a cornerstone product in Swagelining Limited’s Integrated Lining System - a concept which brings together liner design, material selection, project management, insertion technology, supply of connectors and terminations, and venting technology.
WeldLink enables polymer lined carbon steel pipelines to be fully welded. This allows the pipeline system to operate at high pressures without the risk of leakage from flanges. This connector system has been in use in high pressure water injection pipelines systems for over 15 years around the world.
Steve continues: “Swagelining Limited’s Integrated Lining System has extensive industry credibility. As well as being at the heart of one of the world’s largest onshore lined water injection systems - a 55km x 24-in onshore pipeline in Congo - Swagelining and WeldLink connectors are currently being used in the construction of the world’s deepest lined riser in offshore West Africa.
“This project, elements of which are currently being constructed at sites in Scotland and Holland, involves the lining of over 90 No 14”x 24m long spools, shipped for final installation by J-Lay vessel in 2000m of water.”
Originally developed by British Gas and United Utilities in the 1980s, Swagelining technology was initially designed as a trenchless technology rehabilitation solution providing an effective method of overcoming the problem of failing pipes in inaccessible or inconvenient areas, such as beneath busy main streets. This technology was further developed in the 1990s for the protection of new pipelines in the subsea industry.

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