Helsinki Chemicals Forum

Paul Boughton
The third global event in its series, the Helsinki Chemicals Forum will take place on 19–20 May 2011 at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Finland.

The event will focus on four contemporary themes:

REACH Review - Make it Work Better. HCF 2011 is unique in that it will be the first occasion that initial experiences of the REACH implementation will be presented and discussed widely by stakeholders from across the world. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is an official partner in HCF 2011 and it will present the first results of its own REACH Review.
Regulatory Reform - Global Use. Like many other bits of chemical legislation around the world, REACH has brought, and will continue to bring, vast quantities of information about chemicals and their properties to the reach of officials from different areas. Better use should be made of this information in order to improve chemical safety and to reduce the pressure in various parts of the world to create new rules.
Sustainable Chemistry - Challenge for Industry and Society. Chemistry has the answers to several of the problems facing the world today. Sustainable chemistry, and the promotion of it, represents a major challenge not just for the industry, but also for society as an enabler and creator of a conducive environment.
Bioeconomy - An Opportunity Globally and Locally. The bioeconomy is an answer to the future global energy and raw materials crises. It aims to replace dwindling resources with renewable, bio-based raw materials and fuels. The bioeconomy represents a major opportunity, especially for the pioneers in the field. But it also requires fresh economic thinking.
The two-day event costs just 850 €. HCF 2011 is organised in co-operation with, among others, the European Chemicals Agency in conjunction with that agency’s Stakeholders’ Day. Hundreds of representatives are expected to attend from around the world.

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