Hard chrome plates linear bearings are corrosion-resistant

Paul Boughton
Hepcomotion is introducing a new addition to its LBG linear ball guide range that is suitable for use in harsh environments thanks to a cost-effective, corrosion-resistant coating. A hard chrome finish is available for all rails and bearing blocks in this linear ball guide product programme. It provides a good degree of corrosion resistance for applications where moisture or contaminants could cause surface pitting. Hepcomotion says that this also opens up the market for linear bearings in clean rooms, where previously stainless steel was the only suitable option.
High quality, good accuracy and exceptional rigidity characterise the LBG range. Its basis is a four-row. angular-contact ball track that has numerous benefits. These include low friction and reduced differential slip, high load carrying capacity in four directions and installation compliance. It also compensates for minor errors on the mounting surface without compromising performance.
A felt wiper within the bearing block aids lubrication by maintaining an oil film on the bearing contact surfaces. Extended life and increased maintenance intervals are achieved by having the correct amount of lubricant at the contact faces.
LBG corrosion-resistant rails are supplied in lengths up to 4m and in matched sets to ensure that even with the addition of the hard chrome coating, the preload of the block onto the rail is consistent. A stock range with rapid delivery is available to cover the majority of automation requirements. However, a wider combination of preloads and grades can be supplied to suit the needs of individual applications.
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