Rugged industrial connectors use plastic housings to reduce weight

Paul Boughton
Harting is introducing the Han-Eco range of high-quality, all-plastic industrial connector housings that combine ruggedness, light weight and reduced costs with versatility, safety and reliability.
Han-Eco is designed for users who require a cost-effective, lightweight product and who do not require the full range of product features offered by Harting's established Han B series of connector housings. The product also offers more contacts for a given hosing size than the Han B series.
Like the Han B standard series, the Han-Eco series is available in sizes 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B. Depending on the size, versions of the bulkhead mounting and hood with straight or angled cable exits can be supplied. The cable exits are available with metric threading.
Han-Eco housings are made of high-performance plastic that is highly resistant to environmental stress and - in combination with the design - provides very good mechanical stability. When the connector is closed and locked, it provides IP65 protection. The material also meets the demanding flammability requirements of UL 94 Class V 0.
Fast, simple assembly is a key product feature, with a click-and-mate design that eliminates the need for tools during assembly.
Han-Eco housings are compatible with the full range of modules from the Harting Han-Modular series of industrial connectors. One extra module fits into the Han-Eco housing compared to the equivalent product in the Han B Standard series. This special feature applies to all four sizes.
A PE (protective earth) module has been developed specifically for the Han-Eco housing to hold the protective ground conductor. Use of the PE module is optional, depending on the application. All metal parts in the PE system are fully connected to the protective ground conductor. This prevents the risk of anyone touching live parts if a fault occurs. The housing is also suitable for use on machines and systems with Class II protective insulation.
To ensure a safe, compliant PE connection, the housings are not compatible with the Han B Standard series. However, the mounting dimensions of the Han-Eco bulkhead are identical with the mounting dimensions of the Han B Standard series, thereby eliminating the need to modify control cabinet side panels.
A locking lever can be mounted on the bulkhead or the hood to suit user needs. A coupling hood is also available for cable-to-cable applications.
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