USB Isolation: strong enough for medical applications

Paul Boughton
Medical systems require at least two independent isolation systems to protect patients and personnel. Some systems must comply with the IEC60601 standard - isolation of all interfaces, peripherals or data collection devices that come in contact with the patient.

B&B Electronics' new Ulinx USB isolator, with 4kV isolation, conforms to IEC60601 specifications for hospital and medical applications.The model UH401, features up to 4kV isolation, ensuring high reliability and protection from damaging electrical storms, spikes, power surges and other high EMI/RFI disturbances. The isolation barrier eliminates disruptive ground loops in measurement applications. The ultra-compact design inserts directly into the USB signal lines of existing medical applications - without additional components or software modifications. High retention USB connectors provide solid connections that won't pull loose easily.

Operating temperature of -40 to 80°C adapts to a wide range of applications. LED indicates power supplied via upstream USB port. Up to 100mA of current to attached downstream devices. With USB bus powering, no external power is needed. Includes one-meter, Type A to Type B USB cable.

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B&B Electronics is based in Galway, Ireland.

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