Bolt into battle

Paul Boughton
RotaBolts are being used on one of the most advanced tactical military bridging systems in the world. The latest version of the Dry Support Bridge (DSB) from WFEL uses more than 1000 RotaBolt tension control fasteners to help assure its structural integrity.
“We use RotaBolt tension control fasteners on each of these critical friction joints because we can rely on them to achieve and maintain the necessary clamping force and assure structural integrity” commented Jim Field from WFEL – “We have used their tension control fasteners on our bridges for many years and we know we can rely on them.”
The new DSB can be deployed in under 90 minutes by just eight soldiers using a single launch vehicle. It can span a gap of 46 metres and carry up to 120 tonnes of load.
The DSB’s primary use is to support the momentum of attack and then ensure supply routes to the battlefield. The American Army has been using the original DSB system since 2003 and the latest version from WFEL has seen an increase in its load capacity and span.
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James Walker RotaBolt is based in  Woking, Surrey, UK.

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