Field-installable connectors enable three-step fibre optic terminations

Paul Boughton
Belden is introducing Fiberexpress Brilliance field-installable connectors that are designed to enable fast and easy termination of optical fibres. According to Belden, terminations can typically be made in five seconds, with no termination tools required – which is claimed to be unmatched by any other product on the market today.
Andy Kuszczak, the product manager, says: "We believe our new, tool-less Fiberexpress Brilliance connectors will be enthusiastically welcomed by the contractor community and the distributors who serve them. The connector's patent-pending design not only eliminates the need for special tools, it also simplifies the installation steps typically associated with fibre terminations. In addition, the contractor is able to re-terminate the connector up to five times to improve fibre termination yields and lower materials/installation costs." Kuszczak adds that users can verify proper connectorisation on-site using an external laser light-source, commonly a visual fault locator (VFL), which can be clearly seen through the connector's window.
The simple yet sophisticated design of the new Fiberexpress Brilliance Connector enables tight buffered fibre to be terminated in just three simple steps:
1 - Insert the prepared fibre into the connector
2 - Using the index finger, slide the connector's switch-like activator toward the fibre to be terminated to bring about the splice/crimp
3 - Slide the boot on the connector body
This procedure is accomplished without using any specific or proprietary installation tools. The built-in activator tab performs the fibre splicing and crimping action in one simple motion, thereby reducing the number of steps involved by 50 per cent (as compared with most field-installable connectors).
Currently the Brilliance connector is available for 900um LC (OM1, OM2, OM3 and OS2). Throughout the year ST-Compatible, SC, APC and jacketed versions will also be introduced. Brilliance Field-Installable Connectors can be used for loose tube fibre installations, with the addition of a break-out kit, so installers can achieve the same reliability and improved fibre yields as with tight buffered terminations. The Brilliance connector is also a very reliable connector and is built to withstand a wider range of temperatures (-40 to +75 degrees C) than traditional fibre connectors.
In today's information-intensive world, optical fibre networks are increasingly being used to support mission-critical data transmissions in financial and government institutions, large enterprises, and educational and healthcare facilities.
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