Cable entry system seals flat cables

Paul Boughton

Icotek KEL cable entry systems from M Buttkereit are designed to secure and positively seal flat cabling where it passes through bulkhead apertures on machinery or control panels.

The system comprises polyamide rigid frames, each with a two-hole fixing, which can be supplied in four sizes to accommodate a range of flat cables; additional apertures for round cables can be incorporated in the larger frames if required.

These frames are used in conjunction with captive elastomer inserts that provide both cable strain relief and sealing to IP54. Considerable savings can be made in assembly time and costs with these products, which are said to be particularly suitable for cable assemblies incorporating large or moulded-on plugs and connectors that would otherwise require remedial wiring before installation.

The cable entry frames can be supplied suitable for 23mm deep apertures in 43, 65, 86 and 116mm width slot sizes. Type FT cable sealing inserts can be supplied suitable for flat cables from 5.5 to 10mm in thickness and from 19 to 77mm in width. Round cable sealing inserts (type KT) can be supplied for cables from 3mm up to 34mm outside diameters. Blind inserts (supplied without any preformed cable holes) are also available for both round and flat cabling applications, allowing for future cable runs to be incorporated. Individual frames can also be combined with different sized inserts (dependent upon size) to suit a wide range of flat cables either with or without additional round cables, for maximum installation flexibility.

Both the polyamide frame material (rated UL-40 VO) and the elastomer inserts (rated UL-94 VO) are both halogen- and silicon-free, and they are compatible with temperatures from -30 to +90 degrees C (for inserts) and +140 degrees C for the frames.

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