Linear encoder designed for positioning robotics and machine tools

Paul Boughton
Sick (UK) has launched the TTK70, a highly compact absolute linear encoder, designed for positioning robotics and machine tools or as a motor feedback system for linear motors. This high-performance magnetic encoder provides a reliable alternative to fragile optical scales, with sub-micron resolution and an accuracy of ± 10 microns.

Featuring a small yet robust read head, barely bigger than a match box, the TTK70 encoder is not only compact but also easy-to-install, and is suitable for applications with limited space.

The TTK70 encoder is highly flexible with a wide range of interface options, including SSI/SinCos, Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen, enabling simple integration into PLC-based installations. The TTK70 is also available with Hiperface® interface, enabling it to deliver highly dynamic linear motor feedback.

 With a high level of resistance to dust, dirt and wet environments, due to magnetic operating principles and IP65 rating, the TTK70 delivers high reliability even in the harshest of operating conditions.

The encoder is ideal for use in robotic handling systems, metal forming, cutting and processing PCB print and assembly, as well as flatbed printers and medical scanning equipment.

The TTK70 operates at up to 10m/s making it a reliable solution for even the most rapid of axes. The encoder is able to measure up to four meters in length using its absolute coded magnetic tape measuring 10mm in width and up to four meters in length.

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