Modular construction kit for flexible electrical installation

Paul Boughton
Lohmeier's modular MIC series of wall-mounted control cabinets allows users to design precisely-tailored, flexibly extendable solutions from a construction kit.

Detachable side walls considerably facilitate installation. Since the enclosaures are open on the side, they enable easy wiring across cabinets. This option saves cable and flange material and makes complicated, cost-intensive reworking of the enclosures unnecessary. If required, side walls can easily be reworked subsequently, which is much easier than processing a complete enclosure.

An alternative to conventional central control cabinet installation, MIC enclosures can also be directly integrated into production facilities. This creates additional advantages: cable duct systems can be integrated and heat sources can be contacted directly with the machine bed, in order to render active climate control unnecessary.

MIC models come in several sizes which can be combined according to customer requirements and available installation space. Standard sizes are 600 mm high and 400 mm deep. The one-door model is 600 mm wide and ensures IP55 protection.

Two-door models are available ex works with an 800, 1,000 or 1,200 mm width and IP 54 protection. Individual enclosure sizes are manufactured by request. The doors can be opened up to 140°, which allows for easy access at any time.

MIC control cabinets are powder-coated. Stainless steel versions are available on demand. Delivery includes, amongst other components, a mounting plate, slotted rails for door-mounting and an assembly kit with DIN screws. Users do not require additional installation material or special tools for combining the control cabinets. Lohmeier's extensive accessories program additionally includes a wide range of compatible climate control, lighting, and potential equalization components.

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