Customised conveyor belts for precise handling

Paul Boughton

A wide variety of conveyor belt designs and styles engineered and custom manufactured to meet exact customer material handling requirements in moving product are available from Gough Econ Inc.

Gough Econ is a manufacturer of bulk material handling solutions with an extensive range of in-line bucket elevators, vibratory screeners and conveyors, hoppers, tote dumpers, vibratory feeders, bulk bag handling equipment and storage conveyors.

The types of customised conveyor belts available from Gough Econ include flat slider-bed, incline, cleated, troughed belts and a variety of others. Styles vary from flat to flighted with inclines up to 90degrees.

Belt conveyors are used in a variety of food, chemical and industrial applications. Food applications include snack and frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, confectionary and granules.  Industrial applications include petrochemical, catalyst, fertiliser and many others.

According to Andy Leitch, Vice President of Sales for Gough Econ, the company offers a variety of conveyor designs, each of which is customised to best suit the specific application and environment. Units are designed and manufactured to precisely conform to space requirements and a customer’s material handling need, he said.

“We make a thorough analysis of the material being handled such as product size along with a variety of other criteria including where the product is being moved,” Leitch noted.  “Along with the customer, we then determine the many specifics such as the type of belting required, type of motor, drive or controls needed, the length, height and angle of the conveyor, the type of leg supports needed and many other such variables.“

Beside designing and manufacturing a range of standard and specialised material handling systems such as belt conveyors, Gough Econ also provides a variety of technical services including product testing, product engineering, control systems and installation management.

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