Optical connectors feature metal bodies and latches

Paul Boughton
Molex is launching the new LC2+ optical interconnect product line. The latest offering from Molex for high-density, harsh environment, optical applications, the LC2+ optical interconnect is a metal-bodied, latching version of the popular LC connector system.
The Molex LC2+ optical interconnect provides an enhanced latch retention system and a specific high-temperature strain relief boot that works in conjunction with the latest high-temperature, enhanced-performance (EP), aerospace-grade fibre-optic cables and sealing features to protect against moisture propagation through the connector.
Mark Matuszewski, the product manager at Molex, comments: "Molex's LC2+ connectors have a ruggedised, all-metal-connector housing, making them ideal for use in industries that operate under harsh conditions - including industrial, military, medical, aviation and aerospace. The LC2+ connector's unique features make further improvements by providing a high-performance discrete fibre solution intended for use in the most rigorous operating environments such as high temperature, severe shock and vibration, as well as exposure to high moisture situations."
The LC2+ system is fully compatible with all LC form factor connectors, adapters, active devices and tooling. The optical simplex and duplex connectors are available for multi-mode, single-mode and APC applications. In addition, the LC2+ interconnects from Molex can incorporate Polymicro Technologies' large core speciality fibres for connecting large-core optical fibres used for data, sensing and optical power transmission.
For more information, visit www.molex.com

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