Direct-drive rotary table features large open bore

Paul Boughton
Intellidrives' new Rotoring model RR-18-14 is a direct-drive rotary table that is claimed to provide superior angular positioning and is designed to eliminate backlash, friction and wear problems associated with worm, gear and belt drives. This rotary table combines axial brushless Rotolinear motoring modules and planar air bearings integrated into compact, direct-drive configuration, thereby providing unlimited rotation with precise positioning and velocity controls.
The Rotoring model RR-18-14 features a clear central bore of 350mm diameter, a total height 55mm and a resolution of 1 arc-sec with torque of 32Nm. This means, for example, that when processing 300mm semiconductor wafers, every area of the wafer can be accessed from both sides.
In general automation applications the large open centre offers the opportunity to access parts from inside and outside the table simultaneously. This feature enables robotic devices, pick-and-place units and ancillary tooling to be mounted inside the table, thereby saving floor space and reducing parts handling.
Typical applications include semiconductor assembly equipment, wafer inspection and cutting, optical applications, precision part indexing and robotics.
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