Stepper and servo control form a single drive

Paul Boughton
B&R is launching a new variation of the Acoposmicro that, in addition to controlling stepper motors, also offers support for servo motors. It enables users to integrate different drive types and problem-free changeover from a stepper motor to a servo version and vice versa.
Despite its compact dimensions, the Acoposmicro also supports up to two axes with performance levels of 500W each on one module. The new B&R drive requires a base surface of less than 50cm2 per axis, so multi-axis applications can be implemented with minimal space and wiring requirements.
The Acoposmicro product family can be used in a nominal voltage range from 18V DC to 80V DC for low-power applications. State-of-the-art semiconductors ensure a low amount of heat loss - which eliminates the need for expensive cooling concepts that can be difficult to implement. Furthermore, the intelligent power supply module with a network connection offers completely new options for machine and system diagnostics.
In addition to the Safe Torque Off function and trigger inputs, the servo version of the Acoposmicro also has a 24V DC output that can, for example, be used to drive external brakes. Additional optional modules make it possible to adapt to customer-specific requirements at any time - without taking up more space.
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