Washer faced wing nut

Paul Boughton
Wing faced nuts need no tools thanks to the wings which allow manual tightening. The integral washer removes the need for a separate washer and reduces assembly time (even load distribution and surface protection).
BÜLTE washer faced wing nuts are available in M6. The thickness of the washer is 2 mm and the diameter 21 mm.
Polyamide 6.6 natural is the standard material, which offers many advantages in comparison with steel: it does not rust, is clean and insulating, and also extremely light. These polyamide products have excellent resistance to traction and heat, plus the elasticity and excellent electrical and chemical resisting characteristics.

The nuts have a working temperature range from -30 to 100°C. They are suitable for all sectors of industry, such as electronics, electrical, automotive, food processing, plastics, metalworking, furniture, sports, medical, printing, shipbuilding.
Alternative materials are available on request, such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene (these materials are recommended for their good food and medical qualities). Other colours (blue, black) are available on request.
For more information, visit  www.bulte.com

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