Moduflex Lite air preparation unit are compact and affordable

Paul Boughton
Parker Hannifin is launching a new and innovative addition to its proven range of air preparation systems. Moduflex Lite systems combine lightweight and corrosion-resistant construction with patented nano lubrication technology that allows oil mist to travel up to 40m along the air line as opposed to a maximum of only 15m with more traditional lubricators. This makes it easier and more affordable to optimise the efficiency, productivity and reliability of pneumatic applications.
Moduflex Lite systems are made from high-quality technopolymers, so they are highly corrosion-resistant and up to 45 per cent lighter than conventional alternatives. An injection moulded body results in improvements to the system's internal flow paths, providing flow performance up to 30 per cent better than similarly sized units. Moduflex Lite systems can therefore often be used to replace larger, more expensive units.
The nano lubricator supplies a constant, extremely fine oil mist that improves system lubrication while extending the intervals between refills and reducing oil consumption. Furthermore, the ability to extend the distance between the lubricator and pneumatic equipment from 8m up to 40m opens up many new opportunities for efficient system design.
Moduflex Lite units feature a universal bowl that is chemically resistant and suitable for a wide range of applications. This allows users to lower their costs and simplify stock management with a single multi-purpose system. Additionally, the system's innovative technopolymer construction enables it to withstand aggressive media and environments, making it versatile and enabling synthetic oils and glycol-based anti-freeze to be used.
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